Monday, August 6

Regina's Buffalo Days: A Photographic Chronicle

Billed as Saskatchewan's provincial Exhibition, Regina's Buffalo Days with its Fair and Downtown parade is one of those events that perhaps more than any others celebrate the spirit of prairie towns in the purest of traditions. Of course, the rides kids would go on were much less sophisticated 100 years ago, but the need to gather on public grounds in the heart of the summer with family and friends in in the town's public spaces is enduring.

The Saturday parade, with the population lining the streets motivates citizens to go to the fair. For the community organizations that prepare the floats and march in the parade, this is an opportunity show solidarity... and to get some cost-effective exposure, thanks to the volunteers that invest time and energy in shining the vintage tractors that are driven through the streets, or in accompanying the children and the bands in which they play. Watching the parade (and those who participate in it) is one of those simple pleasures one never gets tired of...