Thursday, November 22

Revisit how you approach the youth market

(Originally published in TOURISM)

Martin Cash of the Winnipeg Free Press writes: "The first clue that you're not cool is when you try to tell young prospective customers that you or your product is cool," and "The next clue is when you try to figure out what's not cool about it."

Cash's article (October 12, 2007; Don't say it's cool; ask them) refers to an address by Doyle Buehler, founder of Winnipeg's myTEGO Inc, given at a meeting of the Advertising Association of Winnipeg. He says many companies have to throw out what they thought they knew about

marketing and go for an emotional approach: "You have to immerse yourself in the youth culture. Get them to describe your product or your service. Listen to what they have to say about your company." Buehler stresses that young people are not impressed by who you are or where you're coming from; they care about how your product will affect them.

Orbitz Food & Wine Index says 'cheers!' to Okanagan and Niagara

(Originally published in TOURISM)

The 2007 Orbitz Food & Wine Index has listed Niagara and the Okanagan as "possible future top destinations and drive-to regions north of the US border."

Released last month, the index recommends Osoyoos and Penticton as must-see regions out west, while out east Niagara-on-the-Lake tops the charts. Orbitz tended toward words like "nestled" and "quaint" to describe both regions and touted both the cuisine and the cultural draw of each destination.

Asked how they compile the annual index, Orbitz's Jim Cohn said the company looks at historical data and future bookings to decide which destinations deserve a lift of your glass. "We do a year-over-year comparison to figure the growth percentage. From 2005-2007, both Niagara and the Okanagan demonstrated significant growth."

Cohn also pointed out that Orbitz's team of in-house travel experts weighed in on the index. They consider facts such as destination accessibility and variety of accommodation before deciding which regions "toast the most."