Wednesday, May 14

French parachutist Michel Fournier is back in Saskatchewan to carry out his Big Jump

It is with great emotion that we welcomed back Michel Fournier and his wife Kim on Monday at Saskatoon Airport on a beautiful sunny evening. Michel's Big Jump (Le Grand Saut) is scheduled to take place during the weather window starting on May 25th in the North Battleford area.

Upon his arrival, Michel expressed to the local press which came out to greet him how pleased he was to return to Saskatchewan, a Canadian province which has become in many ways his adoptive land.

Already local, national, and international media outlets are preparing to cover this event which will surely bring much attention to Saskatchewan in the coming days.

You will find here in English an article about our association as a partner with Michel Fournier's stratospheric ballon jump project.

You will also find here an article published in the Wall Street Journal some time ago, along with a few photographs I took over the years.

Read about Emilio's Journey to Saskatchewan to realize his life-long dream of seeing live wolves which we organized at Michel's request.
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