Wednesday, July 30

Looking for examples of cultural tourism best practices for a new course aimed at tourism practitioners

A crew of local iceberg enthusiasts head out to take
a closer look at Dunfield (Newfoundland and Labrador) earlier this month
Photo: Claude-Jean Harel

I am currently developing a cultural tourism course for the recently created Bonavista Institute of Cultural Tourism in Newfoundland and Labrador. The course will take place this fall on the Bonavista Peninsula. The course’s emphasis will be on the development of tourism partnerships that lead to increased revenue generation through the enhancement of the tourism value chain to which tourism operations with a focus on heritage, culture and the arts belong.

As part of the curriculum development process, I am looking for examples of partnership best practices in the cultural tourism field from around the world that we can use to illustrate some of the processes involved in generating partnership solutions that build on the authentic character of cultural tourism experiences, and that help bring out the sense of place of the destinations where they take place.

I would welcome any suggestions of such partnerships that we could feature in the course, especially those that facilitate market-readiness and which take into account principles of environmental, social and economic responsibility.