Friday, August 1

Britain's first new steam engine for 50 years puffs out of locomotive works

This is a great little story from The Times of London

"The first new steam engine built in Britain for almost 50 years steamed slowly out of Darlington Locomotive Works today to loud applause, a blizzard of camera flashes and a guaranteed future of full-speed mainline running, the length of Britain's rail network. Tornado, a replica of the A1 Peppercorn Pacific class, has taken 18 years to build and cost almost £3 million. With sponsorship from some of Britain's leading engineering companies, funds have come from steam enthusiasts across the country through deeds of covenant and a bonds issue.

About 250 people, including four BBC camera crews, made the journey to the shed where it was built to see the engine, belching thick smoke and blowing its whistle, move for the first time under its own steam."