Friday, November 7

Travel companies failing to track online customers

Bev Fearis reports in TravelMole that nearly half of travel companies don’t know if customers using their website achieve what they set out to do.

And according to a survey by digital market research specialists, eDigitalResearch, 33% don’t actively track the opinion of their online customers.

“For a sector hampered by rising fuel costs and with the economic slowdown increasing the demand for online bookings, these results show a lack of online customer knowledge,” said head of research Derek Eccleston.

“With more people turning to the internet to research and book their holidays, finding out how customers like to interact is the cornerstone in helping travel companies to achieve customer loyalty and sustain competitive advantage.”

Companies should be using online polls, panel surveys and rating systems to better understand their online customers, he added.

CanoeSki's Cliff Speer to give talk Wed. Nov. 12 at 7:00 pm at the J.S. Wood Library in Saskatoon

Our friend Cliff Speer sent this note around... A not to miss evening!

"In some ways, Saskatchewan is still a frontier province with many places practically undiscovered. Exploring those places can be a fascinating pursuit. Done in a sustainable, responsible way, such exploration is the essence of ecotourism.

On Wed. Nov. 12 at 7:00 pm at the J.S. Wood Library in Saskatoon, I will be giving a talk and slide show on ecotourism entitled: Eco-explorations in Saskatchewan’s Backcountry. My presentation will, of course, highlight canoeing and cross-country skiing, but will touch on other self-propelled modes of exploring the backcountry. You may be surprised to discover that backcountry in Saskatchewan can be both remote & almost on your doorstep!

The Nov. 12 event is one in a regular monthly series of public presentations on environmentally-related topics co-sponsored by the Saskatchewan Environmental Society and the J.S. Wood Library. It is free and everyone is welcome to attend. Coffee accompanies the discussion session. I look forward to seeing a whole bunch of eco-oriented explorers come out next Wed. evening!

Winter is hovering in the wings somewhere, but I’m a bit reluctant to bring up the topic of skiing as I’m still trying to catch up from a busy summer of canoeing! When we do get skiable conditions, check out the CanoeSki site for cross-country instruction and tour programs. I’ll be once again teaching all the adult ski courses for the Nordic Ski Club, so there should be plenty of options for everyone interested in learning to ski or improving their technique.

Private lessons have become popular over the last few years as a final option for those with tight schedules or simply wanting personalized attention. Give me a call to discuss any skiing questions. In the meantime, enjoy the rest of the fall and dream of a protracted winter of deep snows!

Cliff Speer
CanoeSki Discovery Company
Wilderness Canoeing & Skiing EcoExplorations
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
Tel/fax: 306-653-5693"