Monday, November 17

People flying in the face of green concerns

Phil Davies reports in TravelMole that concerns over aviation’s affect on the environment are doing little to discourage people from flying, a new study shows.

While green issues, such as climate change, noise and air pollution, worry almost three quarters of people (74%), only 22% admitted that these concerns had affected the number of flights they take.

More than half (54%) of the 2,023 adults questioned were unconcerned by the proposed third runway expansion at Heathrow and other UK airports.

In fact, 41% felt that more capacity was required to meet flight demands, according to the research conducted by YouGov on behalf of Camcon Technology, the UK developer of the digital valve.

For the 46% of adults that remained more apprehensive about airport development plans, key causes for concern are:

*Noise pollution (67%)
*Climate change (65%)
*Air quality (60%)
*House prices in the surrounding area (30%)

While the research revealed people’s hesitance to reduce their air travel, the majority of those surveyed were more than happy to embrace technology designed to make aircraft more environmentally friendly.

Of those concerned about airport expansion plans, more than three quarters (77%) would feel more comfortable if they knew that airlines and air manufacturers were investing money into the development of environmentally friendly aircraft that burn less fuel and produce less noise.

Camcon CEO Danny Chapchal said: “The majority of the UK population is evidently concerned about the environment but, rather than altering their travelling habits, people expect airline operators and aircraft manufacturers to reduce aviation’s environmental impact.

“To protect the environment, the aviation industry needs to examine the technologies that are now available to reduce carbon emissions and help decrease the noise from engine jets, fans and landing gear.

“With European Union regulations placing pressure on airlines to cut emissions by three per cent in 2012 and airport expansions set to be rolled out across the UK, it’s time that a new generation of quieter and more environmentally friendly planes was developed.”

Yukon dog sledding filling up nicely, but still availabilities

The month of January is one of the best times to view northern lights in the Yukon. In the bottom left ... one of the wall tent camps we use for the longer trips.

Our trips in the Yukon are attracting guests of all ages. February and the first half of March are fully booked.

There is still room in November, December and January. January is an excellent time to go because of the northern lights.

Here are some trip options: