Wednesday, February 11

Become a Canada explorer

Here is an interesting new tactic by the Canadian Tourism Commission to entice international tour operators to sell more Canada...

Become a Canada explorer

Welcome to Canada! Did you know that more people are visiting us than ever before? In fact, it's high on their list of must-see places. That's why we've developed a program for you to become an official Canada Explorer! It will only take about 15 minutes, and the more you know about Canada, the better you can sell this popular vacation destination.

Let's get started. Watch a video then start your guided tour and then take the qualifying quiz. You'll be an official Canada Explorer in no time!

Tourisme Montréal takes a chance with bloggers

Roberto Rocha writes in The Gazette that Marketing Magazine reported that Tourisme Montréal wants to hire a "small army of bloggers, videocasters and networkers to promote tourism in the city."

Specifically, they're looking for five people who will use social media to play up Montreal's main attractions for visitors: food, shopping, nightlife, culture, and the gay scene, according to Rocha.

Each "brand ambassador" will be asked to go out regularly in their field and make regular videos and blog posts. They will also be asked to interact with visitors on social networks like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Yahoo Answers.

The most startling job requirement, Rocha goes on, "is carrying a cell phone to take calls from potential tourists.

This will be a a 10-month part-time job from March to December. Rocha says they are looking for people who are "curious, outgoing, have large network in their assigned area, the ability to talk in front of a camera, and can work on deadlines."

"They're saying little else about the campaign until it launches officially. But you can tell already this is a pretty gutsy move from the tourism body, which is trying to save money in anticipation of a soft tourism season," Rocha concludes.