Tuesday, August 17

River boat cruises offer convenient solution for older group travellers

Do you have friends or relatives who are planning a special commemoration: a reunion or an anniversary seniors' tour that is at once very special, but also well suited to older travellers? How about a multi-day river cruise on the St. Lawrence Seaway?

Multi-day river cruises used to be quite the journey along the Mississippi River and others in North America. Our very own North and South Saskatchewan Rivers and waterways where at one time challenging yet evocative routes for sternwheelers until the early 20th century. But the number of vessels that once sailed these great rivers in calm waters has declined in recent years -- victims of the economic climate and changing customer preferences. Some operations continue in the US, but they often put up passengers at hotels and casinos along the way instead of allowing travellers to sleep in cabins, which makes for a much richer experience for travellers.

One of the advantages of true multi-day river cruises is that passengers unpack when they board the vessel in the same room that they will keep for teh whole holiday, which makes it much more convenient. Also, one gets more of a sense of journey when one lives aboard the vessel. A different kind of chemistry is created among passengers. there is more of that sense of living the experience together....which keeps people young at heart.

We are lucky enough in Canada to still be able to offer this kind of trip for groups on itineraries that feature cities like Kingston, Montreal, Qu├ębec City and Ottawa, the 1000 Islands, and numerous attractions. Visit these links to see all departures for the rest of 2010 and 2011. Let us know what you think!
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