Tuesday, September 21

Prairie Berries to make a pitch on the Dragon's Den

Just heard through the grapevine... Saskatchewan's Prairie Berries is apparently to make a pitch on the popular Dragon's Den CBC television show. I look forward to finding out what pitch they have in mind. The company describes Saskatoons as a kind of ‘Superfruit’:

"The word ‘Superfruit’ refers to fruit which contains high sources of antioxidants. From a nutraceutical perspective, antioxidant rich fruits have anti-cancer, anti-aging, and anti-heart problem effects on human body. The benefits of antioxidant have contributed against cardiovascular and inflammatory diseases, and act as a protective guard to our immune systems."

The health merits of Saskatoons have been known for hundreds of years. Their pulp has been exported to countries like England as fruit filling. Will the Dragons buy into the success these Saskatchewan entrepreneurs have been enjoying in recent times?

We will see. I wish them well because local bounty initiatives like this make a difference not only in diversifying local agricultural products, it also helps profile Saskatchean as a tourism destination worthy of discovery.
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