Thursday, October 21

Harnessing the potential of surfing and stormwatching tourism

Tofino tourism stakeholders certainly knew what they were doing when they consciously acted to capitalize on the potential luring surfers and storm watching tourists represented in off-season revenue generation. Surfers use a renewable resource, they engage in activities that don't even require them to drive anywhere once they are in Tofino. The resource is on the beach.

Stormwatchers do the same. They come to enjoy just being in Tofino, experience the feeling of being out there in the elements, seeing the waves, hearing them crashing and just taking in the whole sensation of finding oneself in that particular environment at that particular time. When operators and marketing experts think of product development and destination management, those are key indicators of success.

The Great Sandhills of Saskatchewan - Germany-market Style!

Sanddünen - Saskatchewan, Kanada... This is a nice piece I found on The Canadian Tourism Commission's German-language youtube channel featuring Saskatchewan's Great Sandhills. I am sure this was produced in partnership with our friends at Tourism Saskatchewan. Notice the emphasis on nature, the wide open spaces and unusual places. That is what most European travellers look for when they look at Canada... and something Saskatchewan is able to provide. This is why even when developing meetings and conventions product in Regina, attention should be paid to ensure those visitor needs are met if we wish to engage audiences outside of our traditional domestic markets.

Wednesday, October 20

Sweet Spots Trailer - A Cool idea from MEC

Here is a cool adventure travel idea from Mountain Equipment Co-op and a great marketing idea. The company has been an outdoor equipment retail leader for years now. Visiting their stores in larger Canadian cities is almost a spiritual experience of sorts -- it certainly is a great way to learn how our woolies have evolved into hi-tech garments event better suited for Canada's adventure trip circuits through the ages.

Tuesday, October 19

Saskatchewan.... What visitors appreciate about being here

Saskatchewan rancher and guest ranch operator Lyle Benz shares guests' reflections about the Land of Living Sky, the landscape and the experience of spending quality time in Saskatchewan's grasslands with people who are passionate about Great Plains wilderness, the ranch lifestyle, natural horsemanship and cowboy culture.

Sunday, October 17

Reflections on a Saskatchewan Ranch Weekend Getaway

Those who lead busy lives are always looking for short breaks to get away with friends and family. Few experiences in Saskatchewan rival with the ranch stay. Always a chance to discover new facets of life in the Great Plains, this is the kind of experience that often brings out the wellness we all long for.

Thursday, October 7

Interesting presentation on SEO optimization relevant to tourism context

Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile to Improve SEO for Your Company

This is quite well put together. I thought it would be worth sharing with tourism marketing practitioners and experts looking to optimize the impact of resources at their disposal.

Wednesday, October 6

Manitou Springs Resort Hotel & Mineral Spa to reopen

I was pleased to learn today that Watrous' Manitou Springs Resort Hotel & Mineral Spa is set to reopen this Friday. Manitou Beach is legendary for the natural buoyancy mineral-rich properties and curative powers of Little Manitou Lake. The water is so buoyant, it's impossible to sink! Swimmers simply float effortlessly all day long if they want.

This used to be a hot resort in the 1920's bringing thousands in the summer from every region of Canada. The Spa went through hard times recently because of maintenance issues. Under new management and with the current economic boom in Saskatchewan, there is a good chance better times will come for what has the potential to become a quintessential rural Saskatchewan experience. There is, after all, more demand than ever for Spa and health tourism product.

Tuesday, October 5

Great New Documentary Filmed at the 2010 Regina Ice & Fire Carnival

What a joy it was to experience this edgy new documentary about one of the many layers unfolding at the 2010 Regina Ice and Fire Carnival. Many participants and artists will recognize themselves in the piece. Thank you to all the volunteers, Carnival partners and artists who help us make a difference.