Thursday, August 19

Calling Charity Challenge enthusiasts abroad!

It's late August, there is a chill in the air at night and inevitably, there is a realization that fall and winter are just a few weeks and months away. Now... We find that Canada's US, Australian, UK and New Zealand visitor are particularly fond of dog sledding. Our multi-day Yukon mushing expeditions over 5, 8 11 or 15 days are truly immersive journeys into a mode of travel which brings the best out of the ancestral relationship between dogs and humans.

One clever way for the MC&IT sector to put our Canada dog mushing traditions to develop charity challenges. For instance, our partner Different Travel in the United Kingdom has come up with an innovative formula which uses our Yukon sledding product as a basic ingredient. The company offers challenges around the world. The Yukon sledding charity challenge is it's first in Canada.

So if you live in the UK, please support this project. If you live elsewhere, we are certainly open to dialogue and discussions on how we possibility could collaborate to tailor our adventure journeys to your needs.

Raising funds for your organization? Mexico has lots to offer

Raising funds for charity organizations is always a challenge. That many Saskatchewan residents volunteer their time to raise money for community and support programs in a number of areas is is almost legendary. Some of the best known initiatiaves include the Canadian Cancer Society's Relay for Life, or the Arthritis Society's Joints in Motion programs which features more of a travel-related element.

Recently, Great Excursions partnered with the Canadian Cancer Society to create Journey for Life, a trip to Mexico in February 2011 specially designed to meet the needs of people living with cancer and their caregivers -- a portion of the revenues from which will help fund the Cancer Society's programs.

Large projects like these requiring significant air capacity to be profitable and leave you vulnerable to the impact of airline schedule changes. This is where smaller, more niche types of initiatives -- let's say in the adventure travel sector -- might lend themselves to more diversified offerings for all tastes.

Living in Saskatchewan brings its own set added considerations. Our harsh winter climate instills in many residents a longing to get away during winter months. Baja California becomes then a particularly attractive destinations for those who might be willing to consider an active holiday that aims to raise funds for charity organizations. Any of the trips Great Excursions feature on its Adventures in Mexico product page would be suitable as a resource. This is food for thought for a future post.