Sunday, August 29

Revamped Virtual Museum of Canada exhibit on the 1912 Regina Tornado

The Virtual Museum of Canada recently revamped the old 1912 Regina Tornado exhibit that I co-curated with the Regina Plains Museum's Jaymie Koroluk a few years ago. Because of lack of resources at the time -- and possibly also because of the low awareness among tourism stakeholders of the relevance of that story as a differentiating factor in the city's journey -- we were never able to capitalize fully on how our recovery from the tragedy continues to influence who we are and how we evolved as a city.

This is a national story of hope, various facets of which were chronicled in the material record, the fabric of the City, as well as among organizations and individuals everywhere which responded with generosity to what was an unparalleled crisis at the time.

2012 will be a year to celebrate the power of the human spirit, to show that when there is a will to make a difference, no challenge is to great, no obstacle too high.

2012 could be the year that we show again that when there is a will among all those who can make a difference to positively influence a desired outcome, and to move forward to make an even greater leap that benefits all people, all industries and communities, that momentum becomes unstoppable.