Friday, September 24

The Canadian Society of Association Executives (CSAE) has Regina on its radar

...Thanks in part to Saskatoon... This is a real coup for all of Saskatchewan. When Saskatoon hosts the Canadian Society of Association Executives Conference and Showcase from September 15 to 17, 2011, Regina, Saskatoon and other Saskatchewan cities will have a chance do display not only their meetings and conventions capacity to a very receptive audience, they will also be able to convey the destinations' sense of place. It will an opportunity, a stone's throw away from Regina to feature our meetings, conventions and exhibitions capacity.

Have a look at Tourism Saskatoon's media release and let me know me know if you are interested in supporting a collaborative strategic initiative that would work hand in glove with the constructive work our Saskatoon neighbours and partners have undertaken.

Saskatoon is creating a buzz at CSAE in Québec City!

Saskatoon is certainly creating a buzz in Quebec City this week as Saskatchewan's meetings and events professionals prepare to welcome them them next year for their AGM. This is the press release Tourism Saskatoon just issued about the initiative.

See you in Saskatoon in 2011!


Delegation Heads to meet the Canadian Society of Association
Executives (CSAE) in Quebec City.

A 13 member team from Saskatoon has arrived in Quebec City for the CSAE 2010 (September 15-17). Their mission is to launch a promotional campaign for Tourism Saskatoon and its partners entitled - "Top Secret". This is a one year program that is meant to build excitement for Saskatoon as the 2011 host city for CSAE.

Saskatoon is being seen by many associations as a choice destination for conventions and events; an exciting development for the city. Each delegate of CSAE represents an association that hosts their own annual convention and meetings. Many opportunities exist to promote Saskatoon's unique strengths as a conventions and events destination. Intrigue, excitement and engagement are the operative words in creating a successful host campaign.

"Considered by many as Canada's "association of associations", CSAE is the professional organization of more than 1,625 executive members who manage many of this country's most progressive associations, as well as those who supply the sector with essential products and services."comments Todd Brandt, President and CEO of Tourism Saskatoon.

The delegation consists of Tourism Saskatoon's "Conventions Saskatoon!" members, CSAE Executive, business members and industry leaders. Members are led by Co-Chairs - Harry Janzen (Executive Officer, Saskatoon Region Association of Realtors) and Silvia Martini (V.P. Marketing for Tourism Saskatoon.

"Many opportunities to pursue these business to business relationships are expected to lead to future business. Leveraging these promotional and public relations opportunities can positively impact business and economic growth potential." Silvia Martini, V.P. Tourism Saskatoon and Co-Chair for Saskatoon Host Committee


This campaign will feature costumed team members portraying secret agents, clues and secret stash prizes.) Clues and prizes revealed at the conference and throughout the year will entice, intrigue and increase registration for the 2011 event which will be hosted in Saskatoon.

Saskatoon's Secret Agents will distribute clue cards throughout the conference, and engage delegates at the Tourism Saskatoon exhibit. A "Shaken with a Twist" James Bond theme will energize the closing CSAE Honours & Awards Luncheon. Secrets will be revealed and invitations extended for 2011. The lunch culminates with one lucky delegate winning the "Secret is in the Bling" package!

Committee Members Include:

Harry Janzen, (Co-Chair), Executive Officer, Saskatoon Regional Association of Realtors
Silvia Martini , (Co-Chair), V.P. Marketing, Tourism Saskatoon
Nowshad Ali,(President and CEO), On Purpose Leadership
Steven Johnson, (Director), Convention & Event Sales, Tourism Saskatoon
Shawna Nelson, (Director), Marketing and Sales, Sheraton Cavalier
Carl Schlosser, (Director), SaskatoonPrairielandPark
Irene Seiferling, (Principal), Board Dynamics
Kathy Specht, (Sales Manager), TCU Place, Saskatoon Arts & Convention Centre

Coordinators: Tourism Saskatoon Staff (Amber Johnson, Shauna Morrison)

For further information please call:

Todd Brandt, President and CEO, Tourism Saskatoon
at (306)931-7574