Tuesday, November 9

Where to stay in Paris -- Suggestions for a travel trade partner from Saskatchewan

Photo: David Monniaux

One of our Saskatchewan travel trade partners asked yesterday if she knew an hotel near the Louvres where she could stay at an affordable price. I thought this might be useful info for everyone.

It has been a few years since I was in Paris now, but I do find the city always amazing to discover and re-discover…

You will find a few videos of interest about Paris and ideas discussed below in the France Stories playlist on our new web TV channel Great Excursions TV.

Depending on how much time you have and your own longing for the authentic Paris, I would suggest that you consider staying at a hotel away from the Louvres, which is a very busy area and likely overpriced… and you are more likely to experience the most aggressive driving on earth… after possibly Cairo, if you dare to cross a street in the neighbourhood. On the other hand, the Metro makes it very easy to travel around the City if you are well prepared, and it gives you more price and destination flexibility if you carry a suitcase on wheels.

Money vanishes very easily in Paris… It is a mystery…. a curse perhaps. When it comes to restaurants… go for the “Table d’hôte menu” – a multi-course meal at a fixed price. They are surprisingly affordable.

To get around when you land, I would take the RER (train) from Charles de Gaulles Airport to the Jardins du Luxembourg, right downtown… a Paris quintessential destination park with chairs that people can move around, great ice cream/sherberts “glaces” and lots of cafés to watch people. It is an eminently walkable district.

Tripadvisor reviews will confirm this…

You will be able to walk into a charcuterie to get some wonderful patés, fresh baguette and anything you want at the price Parisians pay – not tourists- that you can eat in the park or in your room. You could stay at the affordable Jardins du Luxembourg Hotel (3 stars) at around CA $206 a night right now… a bargain in Paris.

To get to the Louvres, all you have to do is take the Metro with one transfer on an average 50-minute ride

Here is a map of the Metro. You can save it as a PDF. It is laid out a bit like a map of the London Underground and easy to read. Here is a printable wallet- size version for you as well.

Here is a primer in English on the Paris Metro

…and a Primer on the RER train from the CDG airport

… at the Jardin du Luxembourg, you will be able to access both public transit systems… another plus.

Please don’t hesitate to call if you have any questions.

Happy trails and… Bon voyage!

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