Wednesday, November 10

Wagon Ride Ranch Adventure in Saskatchewan, Canada - Great Excursions

One might think that going on a horse-drawn wagon ride is a pretty tame activity for adventure seekers. But those who love draft horses also like to have a little fun too when they get a chance to show their fine team of Percheron at work over rugged Great Plains terrain. This was indeed the case for a group of guest on a ranch weekend break in the beautiful Arm River valley in Saskatchewan. The two hour sunset ride was definitely a treat!

Yukon Dog Sledding Adventure Holiday - 5 to 15 days

Nothing quite describes what it is like as well as this short video filmed on the fly in the Yukon wilderness by a musher as his small group of adventurers gets a chance to open up and let the dogs take it away on Ptarmingan Flats. This is one of many opportunities dog sledding participants get to test their skills when they come on one of our 5, 8, 11 or 15 day trips in this mountainous region of the Territory. They travel along forested trails, up mountain sides, and they also get to stop and enjoy the beautiful surroundings in which they find themselves along the way. You will notice that every trip participant gets to drive their own team -- they get to develop a rapport with the 3 to 6 dogs that become theirs for the duration of the journey.

Before you sign up we tell you how to prepare. Once you are here, we make sure you are well outfitted and ready for what is -- for many who come from as far away as Australia -- the trip of a lifetime!