Sunday, November 14

Whooping Cranes - Quivira NWR, Kansas

We don't get to see whopping cranes like these very often, but we do see them at Last Mountain Lake National Wildlife area, a 2-hour drive from Regina. And when we do see them, usually through a long lens or a spotting scope in the distance among hundreds of sandhill cranes, one gets the feeling of being witness to a very special moment in time.

Husky Dog Sledding by Moonlight in Yukon Canada

The great mystery of nighttime under the Yukon full moon takes an entirely different colour when humans venture to explore it in the company of huskies.

Dog sledding at night is earily satisfying. the musher feels perhaps even more in synchronicity with his or her team of dogs. With only a headlamp to light the way in the forest, and moonlight washing the snow with soft brightness where there are no moonshadows over the open terrain, journeying by dogsled at night is unlike any other experience. It bring a level of intimacy with the animals that is very wholesome for all participants.