Friday, November 19

Planning an RCMP Troup Anniversary Reunion in Regina?

If you, a friend or a family member are planning an RCMP troup anniversary reunion in Regina in the near future, you might find it worth your while to work with a local IATA-member receptive tour operator. A specialist company like Geat Excursions, for instance, knows all the attractions and has all the expert staff. We enjoy privileged relationships with local industry partners who can make a lot of things happen for your group, especially when challenges arise. Trip participants and organizers may gain more benefits as the result and definitely will save money in the process.

Experience tells us over and over again  that a meeting organizer's first reflex is to book a block of rooms in a hotel, and then ask all members to book their own flights. That is easy enough to do for anyone. Then they will look at event venues and other aspects. The challenge reunion organizers will run into as plans evolve is that when it comes to details like shuttle transportation between the hotel and reunion venues, or even getting a quote for a city tour on a per person basis, they will find it difficult to finalize their plans because they have broken up the leverage they initially enjoyed with their project into too many small parts that lose clout independently.

An IATA-member receptive operator offers meeting planning services than range from air tickets sales, staffing services and comprehensive travel insurance services, to registration, transportation, tours, tickets and logistical services What would happen if a participant became ill before coming on the trip or had to cancel for another reason? Would the meeting organizer be able handle emergencies, how much would an individual supplier be willing to extend goodwill if push came to shove. Obviously, all suppliers want to help up to a certain point. But in the end working, with an independent, bonded receptive company goes a long way to ensuring peace of mind for all project partners and the client.