Saturday, November 20

Tourism Industry Watches Nervously As Prince William and Kate Middleton Wedding Plans Unfold

UK and Canada tourism industry stakeholders are paying close attention since Prince William and Kate Middleton announced their upcoming wedding for sometime next year. This could be a brilliant opportunity for British tourism, no doubt. The British economy, which is challenged these days, to say the least, would welcome increased interest in the United Kingdom as a tourism destination. On the other hand, UK travellers who had been considering coming to Canada in 2011 might further delay their plans, according to La Presse's André Désiront who raises the possibility of yet another obstacle to luring UK travellers who might consider staying home next summer to watch the Royal Wedding and the pageantry that usually is associated with it.

While it is true that major sports events like the World Cup of Soccer - that people travel to attend or massively watch on the Tube - can affect consumers' travel plans in some instances, I am not convinced that a Royal Wedding alone would be enough motivation to prevent altogether British visitors from coming to Canada next summer - regardless of whether we are talking about a summer or a spring wedding. If anything, this might simply further delay the consumer decision-making process, just a little bit longer. This is something the Canadian tourism industry has had to contend with on an increasingly-regular basis in recent times, thereby making it more difficult than ever for tourism partners to develop and plan adequate inventories. It is a fact of life for us all now.

So, let's brace ourselves once more, and let's hope we get a wedding date soon. Will it be spring or summer?