Sunday, November 21

Yukon Husky Adventure Wilderness Camp

There is an air of serenity about getting ready to hit the trail after an overnight stay at a wall-tent camp in the Yukon wildernesss. Dog sledding is not only about the trip itself, but also about the wisdom gained while journeying with huskies -- and our companions who may have come all the way from Australia, New Zealand, the United KIngdom, Germany, Austria, Switzerland or from elsewhere in Canada.

Travellers experience a sense of getting back to the basics here, in an environment with conditions that may differ from what participants might experience where they usually live. Nature and its rythms rule here. In the winter, daylight is certainly more scarce around mid-December than in other more southerly parts of the world. The dogs... they just want to play with us, with the knowledge that they are well looked after even in the wilderness. They are well-fed, their paws are groomed, the huskies are kept healthy because they need to be kept happy if the trip is to be enjoyed by all.

So... on we the next destination for the day!