Friday, December 17

Yukon Dog Mushers Heading Out Onto the Trail with their Huskies

How will it feel to head out onto the trail with your own team of huskies? You will feel a certain amount of exhilaration, a sense of boundless optimism at the prospect of leading a team of winter sport athletes on what is essentially a quintessential Canadian experience. Above all, you will be learning leadership skills in a little understood place, Yukon, a place where this living history tradition is very much part of the territorial culture, where mushers are valued knowledge-keepers and placemakers, going against the more superficial tourism currents. Authenticity of experience is at the core of mushing protocols and tourism rituals in Yukon and Alaska. Your participation in a trip like this is an investment jn responsible tourism practices that are beneficial to the community, the local economy and move us closer toward sounder environmental stewardship practices. Come make a difference with us!