Wednesday, January 5

Chicago will work on attracting more business meetings and sports events

We will follow with great interest how 2011 will shape up at the Chicago Convention & Tourism Bureau. With a new CEO in place who is looking for new opportunities, there may be opportunities as well for Canadian organizations in cities like Regina and Saskatoon that are served by direct air connections with this key city in the Mid-west. Of course, one hopes business will go both ways.

This is an excerpt from an article published recently in the Chicago Tribune:

"When Don Welsh takes the reins at the Chicago Convention & Tourism Bureau next month, his first priority will be sharpening its sales force to lock in critically needed new business.

"I think the first thing we have to do ... is make sure we have the best and most productive sales people in the convention market," Welsh said in an interview Tuesday.

In addition to pursuing big trade shows that have been the city's bread and butter, the bureau will be looking to add more corporate gatherings, given the concentration of Fortune 500 companies in the Midwest, Welsh said. The bureau is courting the likes of Microsoft Corp. and McDonald's Corp."
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