Monday, February 28

Ogema forges ahead with its tourist train project

I just heard a report from Ogema (via Al Scholz) that the tourism train project is coming along nicely there.

Carol Peterson sent me this note: "We have bought the engine and a passenger car and are moving them to Ogema. It will be the only large tourist train tour in Saskatchewan. Should be up and running for our 100th Anniversary Celebrations in July 2012".

Good on these these dynamic folks!

One of the product and marketing collaborations that should be considered is a partnership through the development of themed experiences aimed at high-yield consumers with the RCMP Heritage Centre in Regina, which should really be looking at such partnerships across Canada at a range of locations, and abroad. For instance, in Yukon Great Excursions sells expedition dog mushing trips from 5 to 15-days in length to Canadians, Australians, Kiwis, Brits and Americans. It would not be very difficult for us to theme one departure around the role mushing has played traditionally in serving remote communities, and sharing sales revenues with the Centre through simple profit-sharing formulas, not unlike those we currently use.

Some product models that could explored are charity challenge products targeting international police forces (charity challenges are popular with affinity groups in the UK). Lots of possibilities.
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