Tuesday, April 5

Regina Welcomes World's Curling Enthusiasts

While most Regina residents wait for a long awaiting spring thaw, world curling enthusiasts have converged on the City this week for the Ford World's Men Curling Championship. Once again, hotels are full with visitors from countries where the sport is sometimes big, in in some cases much less popular than it is in Saskatchewan. The local tourism industry has quite some time ago realized that business flows from hosting events where attendance to events by regional fans can create the kind atmosphere - and ultimately revenue - that attracts sponsors. Curling certainly does that for Regina.

The same factor played a large part in ensuring that Regina was a successful hosting venue for the fascinating Royal Red Arabian Nationals, until the organizers opted to look for another host. For many years, Royal Red participants - many of which originated from the USA - were delighted to show off their know-how in front of such a welcoming crowd made-up mostly of Saskatchewan residents.

We will be sad to see the Royal Red move on, as others discover the genuine hospitality Regina's population extends to visitors from away. I hope that as the City's tourism stakeholders will carry on bidding for world-stage events, while emphasizing that Regina's tourism appeal as a destination extends beyond the quality of its sports venues, hotel capacity and hunger among local residents for more leisure and special events that take place in the city itself.

A great significant element in Saskatchewan's and Regina's charm lies, after all, in the special sense of place that is found in this city, and in the surrounding grasslands environments that are easily accessible from Regina.
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