Monday, August 8

A Few Chinese Cuisine Favorites in Regina

Regina's demographic evolution brings about a more diversified dining scene these days, that is reflected equally in the variety of experiences offered on the Chinese cuisine front. A new discovery last night brings me share the following appreciation of what is available around the city these days.

Chinese Lantern

My discovery last night of the Chinese Lantern was a rather satisfying one. I had been told that this humble establishment located in a strip mall next to Shopper's Drug Mart and Shear Escapes, was the latest favorite among the University of Regina's Chinese student population. I went with my family. We loved the lamb curry, the stewed eggplant and steamed chicken dishes on offer. We saved the pigs' feet and intestines for another time. The flavor did not disappoint, despite the light use of MSG which we were told afterwards could be avoided upon request. The service is excellent. Customer comments handwritten on bits and pieces of paper are pinned on a bulletin board at the entrance. Check it out: B-4112 Albert St. ph. (306) 352.4588.

H&K Bakery and Coffee Shop

This is Regina's version of the quintessential Hong Kong-style cafe. I like to go there on Saturday or Sunday to find myself immersed in a culture that has refined the art of preparing the Chinese clubhouse sandwich (crust removed) and Hong Kong Chinese spaghetti with tomato sauce. The real treats are the freshly baked egg tarts, as well as the curried and barbecued beef buns that you can take home to savour as the munchies hit you again in the afternoon. They also make a fine layered birthday cake with real fresh cream and fruit salad which beats just about anything else available in terms of simple, wholesome flavour. Ideal for impressing colleagues at the office! 5512 7th, near the RCMP Depot at the corner of Horace. Don't call...just go!

Four Seas

Beside the Dim sum dishes, this weekend classic went through various phases since the Taiwanese cuisine inspiration of a few years back. I loved some or the spicier dishes then. A fine spot for family gatherings, the food is always great. It is easy enough to find parking on Sunday morning. 1779 Rose St. (306) 522-1818.

Regency Palace

Always busy it seems, likely because of the buffet option. Ask for the Chinese specials (written in Chinese) that are not on the English menu. Steamed chicken, vegetables dishes and hot pots are consistently satisfying. 2220 Victoria Avenue, Regina, SK (306) 721-2828 ‎

Lee's Chop Suey East

We keep going back to eat at Mike's every now and again. Excellent service. It is a nice facility and it offers a buffet option. But the real treat there is the chance to try a traditional 10-course meal prepared for special occasions like weddings. This is where we held our own Chinese wedding reception a few years back. Mike and his team work hard and deliver consistently. There are two small private dining rooms available here for special occasions at no extra cost if booked in advance. 200 Victoria Avenue (306) 525-524

Peking House

A long time favorite downtown, this dining establishment doesn't shy away from non-traditional experiences like fundraising evenings for arts and culture organizations. The Regina Plains Museum held a fundraiser featuring a slam poet that I attended a few years back. Reliable value for the money. I am a sucker for their sweet and sour pork dish (not really traditional Chinese food) b1840 Rose Street (306) 757-3038

New Town

If the colorful owner doesn't win you over, what is left of the original concept decor will intrigue you, and the lemon chicken dish will ensure you remember the experience in positive terms. Don't forget to explore beyond the buffet. There is a private room available here as well for more intimate dining gatherings. 2332 11th Avenue (306) 757-7722.

There are other Chinese cuisine establishments worthy of mention out there... I will save them for later.
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