Saturday, August 27

Saskatchewan Heritage Foundation... Making a Difference!

Just a quick note to let you know about the work of the Saskatchewan Heritage Foundation. The Foundation is a well-known entity in heritage conservation circles around Saskatchewan for the grant programs it offers in a number of areas. More recently, the Foundation has also published a series of conservation booklets on topics ranging from the conservation and restoration of roofs, windows, and basic principles of heritage conservation that respects nationally-recognized standards and guidelines. The booklets also offer practical insight into foundations repairs, among other suggestions.

These booklets are available in print form by contacting the Foundation at this address:

Saskatchewan Heritage Foundation
9th Floor, 1919 Saskatchewan Drive
Regina, Saskatchewan
S4P 4H2

Or, simply download the booklets  directly from the SHF's website.

On the Foundation's website, you will also find the Saskatchewan Heritage Foundation's Annual Reports, available for download as PDFs. These will give you an idea of some of the heritage projects the SHF has contributed to in recent years. The reports will give you a sense of how SHF grants have helped leverage additional financial resources for the benefit of communities, and ultimately the people of Saskatchewan because as a result of these heritage preservation efforts, future generations will be hopefully be able to enjoy and gain a more vivid appreciation of tangible and intangible elements of their ancestors collective journey in the part of the world known as Saskatchewan.

The Saskatchewan Heritage Foundation's efforts are:
  • informative because the staff is able to provide valuable technical guidance in heritage conservation.
  • collaborative because the SFH works with individuals, businesss, governments (municipal, provincial and federal) and other organizations to achieve heritage conservation goals and objectives.
  • economically significant because they help set into motion conservation projects that might not otherwise be financially viable, by providing an incremental funding solution that makes all the difference.
This beautiful rural chuch is located south south of the Qu'Appelle Valley, east of Highway #6 on the road to Piapot First Nation.
One of the most fruitful collaborations the Foundation has been involved in over recent years is its partnership with the J.M. Kaplan Fund, a philanthropic family Foundation based in New York which administers a conservation program to help restore and protect aspects of the natural and historic legacies of the North American continent. By the end the 2010 fiscal year, the Kaplan Fund had provided nearly $250,000 to conservation efforts of historic churches and other sites in the province, as matched contributions.
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