Monday, September 5

Cape St James - Windiest Place in Canada!

Cape St. James, located at the southern tip of the Queen Charlotte Islands is Canada's windiest spot. It holds the Canadian record for having the largest number of days each year (120 on average) with gale force winds. It is British Columbia's windiest location, with winds blowing 99% of the time. Things were no different when we showed up on our 70-foot sailboat. Hold on to your hats!

Friday, September 2

Praise from a Bluewater Adventures Client on a Haida Gwaii Nature Cruise

This British Columbia client travelling with Bluewater Adventures had nothing but praise for the staff, their ability to take advantage of wildlife viewing opportunities and the quality of the overall experience. The beautiful beach we all had a chance to explore near the southern edge of Gwaii Haanas National Park likely set the tone for her comments. These would equally be reflective of what the rest of the trip would be like.

Thursday, September 1

Things that might land on a beach in Gwaii Haanas National Park

Debra Fontaine spends much of her time preparing meals as the chef aboard Bluewater Adventures' motorsailer Island Roamer. So when she gets a chance to walk on the beach and enjoy the simple pleasures of beach combing with Haida Gwaii nature cruise guests, their finds often originate from as far as Japan.

Susan Eaton Loves Snorkeling in Haida Gwaii - Bluewater Adventures

Going below the surface is an endless source of fascination for naturalist Susan Eaton, a professional geologist who has explored life below in some of the World's most remote wild places, through snorkeling. Haida Gwaii is yet another personal highlight for Susan, as she tells us.