Saturday, January 8

Skidegate Days generates community pride and celebrates Haida Gwaii living

What perfect weather for Skidegate Days, one of the Queen Charlottes most awaited summer events.

Families, friends and visitors from around the world who happen to find themselves in the viccinity of Skidegate around that time in July, are naturally drawn to this day of festivities and pride, whose ultimate objective is to raise funds for local projects.

Skidegate is one two major Haida communities in the Islands, which have been losing population over the years, especially among the young, who often must look off the Island to find employment opportunities.

Creating more jobs locally and harnessing the potential of the tourism industry, which is increasingly in the spolight, certainly is one of the best possible ways to encourage the people of Haida Gwaii to keep calling the Charlottes home.

When you grow up in this, a most exotic Island paradise on the edge of the continent, making the call to move away is always a heart-wrenching one.