Friday, January 14

Travel Trade: Garden Tourism Conference in Toronto - March 14 & 15, 2011

I like the idea of a Garden Tourism Conference. Our sister company WestWorld Tours generates many visits by motorcoach travellers each year to Victoria and Ottawa , among other destinations, from clients lured by garden-themed products. It is interesting to discover that even though people have been predicting the demise of motorcoach travel for years, destinations are still fostering the development of product which resonates with motorcoach travellers.


Traditional Haida Feast in Skidegate British Columbia

Before boarding our sailing vessel we are hosted by Roberta Olson, a Haida Matriarch, in her house in Skidegate not far from the Haida Heritage Centre.

Roberta is helped on the occasion of our visit by two young Haida who welcome us into her home with a song. The food is amazing: herring roe on seaweed, different kinds of salmon prepared in traditional fashion, halibut, salads, edible flowers, chowder and lovely tomatoes. The experience is very rich.

Like other First Nations elsewhere in Canada, Haida society is matrilineal. This means that the house, property and many other cultural elements are passed on to the next generation through women.