Monday, January 24

Sailing Cruise to South Moresby and Gwaii Haanas National Park

A brief orientation on the sailboat is followed by a quick overview of the first evening's sailing ahead, as we make our way to South Moresby and Gwaii Haanas. This is our first taste of what the adventure will be like. We are all just taking it in.

Travel to Moresby Island - Haida Gwaii Sailboat Cruise

Travelling on Moresby Island is always a bit of an adventure. It seems the old-fashioned school bus remains the ideal people mover to travel across the old, bumpy logging roads. Moresby Camp is our destination. Our sailboat awaits and dispatches one of its zodiacs to first haul out our luggage, then our Haida Gwaii nature cruise participants. A Coast Guard vessel watches as the boarding process unfolds. Our eager adventurers will soon get to set foot on their inviting sailing residence for the next 8 or 9 days. They will soon find out why soft-sided luggage makes life much easier when travelling on a 68-foot sailing vessel such as ours.