Wednesday, April 20

The Mighty Wascana shows its true nature once again

There has been no shortage of intriguing spring thaws on the Assiniboine river system in recent years, especially on Wascana Creek. On three occasions, a group of friends and I took advantage of its surge in flow to try to paddle downstream to Lumsden by canoe, unsuccesfully. Each attempt ended in a number of our participants discovering first-hand how treaturously unpredictable our favourite creek's current can become with its meandering passages that are frankly typical of such prairie streams. On one occasion, we even lost a canoe for three weeks, until someone spotted it buried in a bank downstream. Great stories to tell.

I figure we earned our "stripes" as seasoned navigators of the "Mighty Wascana".  It's best now to leave it to others to immerse themselves in the whitewater universe Regina's navigable waters produce during the short April window when this stream reminds us that it should never be taken for granted.