Monday, June 27

Saturday at Bridlewood Farms, near Regina

An afternoon spent enjoying time with members of the equestrian community in the Regina area at Bridlewood Farms in White City.  Lovely horses, skilled riders and best of all from a visitor's perspective, a chance to just appreciate the first few days of a summer that is well deserved by all.

The Untapped Marketing Power of Equestrian Chronicles

I will admit quite upfront that I am very partial to horses. I have always loved them and, in general, they don't mind me being around them. It is therefore with great anticipation that my daughter and I made our way to Bridlewood Farms in White City, Saskatchewan, last weekend. A haven for English riding, Bridlewood Stables hosted about 60 or so horses - and their riders - on the occasion of the annual equestrian show it puts on for friends and eager competitors.

First of all, one may not think of Saskatchewan instinctively as a centre of excellence for English riding classes, but I was pleasantly surprised not only by the caliber of the competitors, but most importantly perhaps also by the conviviality, the spirit collaboration among competitors, who often also happen to be friends in all things equestrian. Riders who might be found one day sitting pretty in a Western saddle, checking cows in the pasture might be here at Bridlewood the next, vying for a much coveted ribbon.

Children and adults are all dressed-up for the occasion.

There is no better seat than that which takes you to your class.


 A sunny day broken up by the occasional shower is a lucky day.

A day when friends and relatives show-up to support and cheer for you  is a perfect day.

There is much to chronicle on a day like this one... as there is on any given day at Bridlewood Stables.

Images and sounds are able to convey atmospheres and impressions better than words. So, sit back and watch this short video that I produced this weekend on a simple family outing just outside of Regina, at White City's Bridlewood Farms.