Tuesday, August 7

A Northern Ontario Fishing Camp Much Endowed With Family Soul

I will admit up front that I am a distant relative of the Lodge owners through marriage, from Saskatchewan. Having witnessed on a number of occasions the level of commitment the family invests in the culture of hospitality that is at the heart of what guests experience daily, I am truly in awe of this place. I would never hesitate to describe their customer service practices as exemplary. Donnelly family members tell me their secret is they treat guests like family coming home for the holidays. The number of repeat guests over decades and across generations, litterally, attests to the quality of their "Canadian" experience. Having quizzed a number American guests recently about their attachment to Donnelly's Minnitaki Lodge, I have to come to realize that coming here has become over time their quintessential "Canadian" holiday. I believe that says a lot!

Friday, August 3

Donnelly's Minnitaki Lake Lodge: A tradition for Midwest Americans

Donnelly's Minnitaki Lodge is a popular spot for avid fishermen and families from the U.S. Midwest longing for a Canada holiday destination that is both accessible and affordable. Located in Northern Ontario near Sioux Lookout, the Donnelly family has honed the fine art of hospitality, which is on display every Thursday through July and August in the form of a community fish fry, hosted right at the lodge for 37 years this summer.