Friday, September 14

Saskatoon's St. John's Anglican Cathedral Celebrates New Lease on Life

It is a sign of the times: dwindling congregations, major need of renovations and of innovative funding solutions -- but that's what was required in order to save a key element in the architectural landscape of a Prairie city.

St. John the Evangelist Anglican Cathedral in Saskatoon has been a key feature of the west bank riverfront for a century. However, years of exposure to the elements had taken their toll on the magnificent red brick structure with a tall steeple.

Until this fall, St. John's Cathedral likely gave vied for the title of the draftiest building in Saskatoon.

The Cathedral is undergoing a major facelift after the congregation raised hundreds of thousands of dollars to plug holes in the roof and carry out massive restoration work that is shedding new light on the heritage character of this prayer house.

This critical work prompted parishioners to look at their spiritual  gathering place through a different lens: heritage value.

Wesley Moore, Chair, Saskatchewan Heritage Foundation
It seemed organizations like the Saskatchewan Heritage Foundation were rather willing to partner with Saskatoon's Anglican community to ensure the cathedral would be around and functional as a sacred building for many more years beyond now. 

That collaboration between funders, benefactors, owners and heritage artisans has brought out the best in heritage restoration excellence.

On September 7, the congregation welcomed to a special Open House function all those who have made a difference in ensuring St. John's Anglican Cathedral would be presentable to the public on the occasion of its centennial celebrations.

A full weekend of commemoration activities would follow and help ensure efforts to restore St. John's Cathedral to its original state continue in the months to come.
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