Saturday, October 6

Videofied Cameras an Effective Deterrent to Farm Theft

Every year at this time, we hear reports of farm theft and cattle rustling. Leaving in rural areas means property owners must travel greater distances more frequently to keep an eye on their assets. Recently there was a report in Saskatchewan of an agricultural producer who caught fuel thieves in the act with a trail camera commonly used by hunters to trail deer movement, even in the dark. That got me thinking about how a monitored camera might have also helped catch those thieves, when I wrote this article....

SecurTek Videofied Technology Helps Reduce Post-Harvest Thefts 

The last days of harvest are high risk times for agricultural producers seeking to protect their valuable commodities from agricultural theft. SecurTek Monitoring Solutions reminds farm and ranch operators that real-time video alerts are a cost-effective way to deter burglaries and even catch thieves in the act.

"The shorter days, increased crop hauling traffic and busy schedule of agricultural producers around this time of the year make it difficult for farm operators to maintain their usual vigilance", according to Claude-Jean Harel, a Product Research Analyst with SecurTek. "The cost of guard solutions, land lines and conventional security systems make it sometimes prohibitively expensive for farmers to adopt these technologies and protect their fuel, tools, machinery, grain or livestock."

In times of high commodity prices like these, risks of theft are compounded. If police authorities do their best to raise awareness about farm theft and investigate these crimes when they occur, the responsibility of protecting agricultural assets ultimately rests with owners who are advised to work together, walk around their property putting themselves in the shoes of a thief, set up locked gates and avoid leaving unattended machinery or baled feed in fields for extended periods.

Unfortunately, any farm operation can become the target of burglars. When controlling access to vulnerable sites seems unfeasible,
SecurTek’s Videofied system may be the right tool, believes Brigadier Security’s Pat Thompson:

"Now the buzz word in the industry is Verified Video. So when the perpetrator enters the premises, it sends a video clip to SecurTek or the client who can immediately access it on his smartphone. They can see exactly who's there. Is it a guy with a hoodie? Is it a cat? Or just an employee that's wandering around on the property."

Polices forces increasingly require that alarms be verified before they actually respond, especially in rural areas, notes Thompson. "We've rolled it out in Canada, and we've had success with it. There's locations that we've put systems in where they've had to hire a guard 24 hours a day, so you can imagine the expense of that. Now, you replace that with a couple of cameras that are basically the eyes and ears of the guard, and they realized the savings with video, versus hiring a full-time person."

Videofied systems feature battery-powered cameras, independent of the power grid and ideal for isolated settings. They are also moveable, allowing farmers to relocate them strategically to better serve their needs through harvest season and beyond.
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