Sunday, June 17

Bald Eagles feeding on Salmon in Haida Gwaii

A quiet moment in Skidegate on Haida Gwaii. Every time the tide goes  out, the beach offers opportunities to explore what has been left  behind. The young Haida, the raven and the eagles in turn come out to  play. In a place where every day brings opportunities for new  discoveries, it is easy enough to spend an hour, or two or three just  taking it all in, as we did on that beautiful summer day.

Learn to Sail in British Columbia

Difficult to think of a way for meeting planners to ensure they have a more captive audience than to put them on a 70-foot sailboat, 100 kilometers off the coast of British Columbia, on one of our nature cruises to Haida Gwaii - The Queen Charlotte Islands. Our trips immerse participants in an authentic environment that very few - if any - meeting venues can match. They are guided by experts on the region with well-established relationships with local inhabitants. You get involved in the sailing activities as much as you care to, and you will go home with lasting memories of having experienced a Canadian destination very few can claim to have see this way.

There is no doubt in my mind that Winnipeg has much to offer visitors seeking authenticity. This city at the fork of the Assiniboine and Red Rivers played a historic role in opening up what used to me called Rupert's Land, from the days of the fur trade to those of railway development, prairie settlement and commerce. What I particularly like about Winnipeg is the way the local tourism industry harnesses that authentic character and renders into themes suitable for business meetings and events. The way Winnipeg events themselves seem inspired by local culture and natural history -- essentially Winnipeg's Sense of place -- ensure that Èfeu sacré" is there"

My personal favourite is the Festival du Voyageur organized each winter by Saint-Boniface's francophone community. A vivid two-week party where music, dance, celebration of traditions through traditional skills give a special flavour to the entire city of Winnipeg during that window. February is the month!