Sunday, November 25

Regina Mobile Tire: What a Great Concept!

Whether you are a newcomer to Regina or a long-time resident hesitating to leave you motor vehicle for three days on a lot while someone installs your snow tires, give the folk at Regina Mobile Tire a call. They couldn't arrive at a better time in the roadside tire service business.

They say they will look after your tires at home or at work....

We had two vehicles with different needs. We'd heard about Regina Mobile Tire from friends and colleagues who were happy with the services. I wondered if what I had heard was true... that these guys would show up and perform the tasks at hand with the expected level of customer service. Well... It's all true!

I called the night before and booked an appointment for the next morning. They showed up on time, with a better deal than the one we'd agreed upon over the phone.

Regina Mobile Tire switched one set of tires on the first car. They then moved to work on the other vehicle in the garage. These folks have a top of the line balancer, a compressor and all the equipment you'd expect in a tire shop right in their brand new truck.

They work fast and well. They take payment just like the pros would, right on site: major credit cards and debit. You can even book appointments online through their website. They are on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.

With their business savvy and their forthcoming attitude to customer service, I figure Regina Mobile Tire has a bright future ahead. I wish them well.