Saturday, August 31

Granby Zoo Truly Impresses Returning Visitor After A 40-Year Absence

The zebra section at Granby Zoo never ceases to be a hit with children, young and old
Sad to say but it has been that long since I was at the Granby Zoo last, in the early 70s. Growing-up in Quebec, the Zoo was part of the ethos of a generation of children who believed that it had to be the best zoo in the world. Going to visit the zoo as a family was the next best thing to taking a holiday as a family. It likely would get hot, there would be funny animals to look at, a little bit of stench, it would be great!

Well recently, I did that again with my own family. Le Zoo de Granby did not disappoint. My first impression was that this was a "serious" zoo. I guess the zoo expanded over the years, just as my expectations of what a modern-day zoo should be like today had evolved to be. Great facilities, great programs for children and families, and that Amazoo Waterpark just blew me away.

This was more than I expected. When planning a visit to the zoo next time, I will be sure to schedule in a couple of days for a more complete experience. To be honest, it was nice to discover that even adults who can become jaded about going to the zoo, can still find a little bit of childhood in their heart when they travel to Granby.

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