Monday, September 2

Ogema's Sala Italia: Gastronomical Discovery in Rural Saskatchewan

My family came across a rather unexpected discovery this summer while travelling to Ogema in Southeastern Saskatchewan. Sala Italia opened up on August 3, 2013. They are not quite listed on the town's website, yet. They had just opened when my wife and I stopped in to check it out. The owners are a local couple with quite the history. He is originally from Italy and she was raised locally, lived in Italy for three years, learned Italian and fell in love with the person who would become her business partner. What a team!

They acquired an old quonset building. Her father being a drywaller, did a fantastic remodelling job. Perhaps I should tell you what they offer. They make lovely italian sausages using lamb or pork casings. We ended up coming home with four kilos of of fresh truffle oil & fennel sausage. When we showed up, they offered us a freshly-ground cup of Italian coffee -- which they import -- while they prepared our order.  When we got home, I believe we were the only family in Regina eating this fresh an Italian sausage that night... unless someone else makes them too.

Their plans are to start offering them to a few of Regina's finer restaurants in the near future. They also hope to start offering take-out Italian pizzas as well. Pizzas with fewer toppings perhaps, but with truly flavorful themes. We anticipate being back in Ogema for these in the very near future.

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