Friday, October 25

Halloween Is More Fun Out In The Country

The growing density of population in urban areas may be one of the reasons why most of the commercially available Halloween-themed activities today seem to take place in rural settings. This observation stems from personal experience.

Yes, city dwellers do go all out decorating their homes with all kinds of manufactured props and visually-stunning displays that light up. But when it comes to activities outside of Trick-or-treating on Halloween night, farms and country business are where the real creativity emerges. From corn maizes to hay rides, the "natural" home of garden products carries the flag with eloquent success it seems.

It is the nature of tourism activities to offer consumers a change of pace and place at an attractive price. If you live in a city, being able to enjoy the woody smells of fall leaf carpets is a welcome replacement for the other less enticing whiffs that are usually found in denser settings.

So be it, get out of town and make the best of Halloween. Move under the umbrella of rural authenticity and have loads of scary Halloween fun!