Friday, January 3

Colorado's Breckenridge Resort - A Real Town

Funny how that is the first thing Breckenridge Resort Chamber's Rachel Zerowin said when I asked her to describe this charming tourism destination:"It's a real town". It certainly feels like it.

First, it was a gold mining settlement on the American Frontier. By the time mining activities tapered somewhat, a community had established itself in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, right in the middle of a triangle between Vail to the West, Denver to the Northeast and Colorado Springs to the Southeast.

With a permanent resident population of roughly 3,500, the place has become a World-class winter sports destination that can attract up to 40,000 people during major events.

I liked Brekenridge, its mining heritage appeal and the local hospitality. I'll be sure to go back in the not-too-distant future.