Thursday, March 13

Clydesdales Make Laval Winter Carnival Standout

They were lining up to go for a ride at Regina's Laval high school pavillion in North Regina this weekend. That's what it was like all afternoonon this this fine early March saturday, welcome relief after a lenghty cold spell. And while some Carnival participants focused on their snow sculpture creations, others couldn't wait to get on Harvey McFarlane's wagon, pulled by his Sanguine Clydes.

Harvey has always been a bit of a story teller and very few children say no to an invitation to sit in the front with him and take the reins for a moment.

Some kids -- well only one actually -- even get to drive the Clydesdales without the wagon. That's Harvey's granddaughter.

Harvey tells me Jordan has been showing his horses since she was three. It's not hard to believe when one looks at her go.

Let's hope Jordan keeps honing her skills for a few more years yet. An old tradition becomes young again when the young ones take it on as their own!
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